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Bere Island Boat Yard

Track and prioritize dealer inquiries

The sales manager creates a Google Sheets spreadsheet and shares it with the sales team. The spreadsheet contains columns for important information about each potential dealer and opportunity. As they receive dealer inquiries, the team adds each one to the spreadsheet. Each week they use Hangouts to discuss the dealers, prioritizing and tracking the status of each.

  • The team has more visibility into the dealer inquiry data and can follow up more efficiently.

  • The sales manager can ensure, from anywhere, that the team is engaging with the priority dealer first.

Transfer stock from retail suppliers

When stock arrives, warehouse workers record shipment details using Google Forms. The order is verified, and the products are organized and repacked for their final destinations. Status of the stock is updated in a Sheets spreadsheet, and notifications are sent to the delivery teams once the shipment is ready for transfer.

  • Reduce tracking errors, and transfer products more smoothly, by creating individual records for each order.

  • Maintain a library of electronic records to track suppliers and shipments over time.

Conduct an inventory cycle count

Store managers retrieve an “Inventory On Hand” sheet stored in Google Drive and share it with the employees assigned to conduct the physical count. During off hours, when the inventory is static (no sales, no movement), employees take the inventory count and update a Sheets spreadsheet with results via a mobile device or Chromebook. Employees conduct a second count to reconcile any discrepancies highlighted in the spreadsheet.

  • Enable everyone on the team to see the entire inventory on hand.

  • Eliminate the need for printed itemized inventory sheets.

  • Reduce manual data entry and resulting errors, which ultimately reduces the number of labor hours required.

Conduct a supplier audit

Site auditors complete a supplier inspection using a standardized set of questions on a Google Forms form. To support noncompliant findings, auditors upload pictures to Drive. They link the photos to a Sheets spreadsheet to map the findings recorded in the form. While onsite, auditors uses Hangouts to communicate issues with the design team at headquarters.

  • Reduce the time spent compiling the audit report with attached images of findings.

  • Simplify data analysis and rankings with the use of standardized reports.

  • Simplify the comparison process with previous audits.

  • Streamline communications and reporting.

Translate shipping email and documents

Shipping and receiving managers at the port authority receive messages from companies in various languages. They use Gmail to automatically detect and translate the message into their native language.

  • Save costs by reducing the amount of contracted translation services used.

  • Improve communications between parties and respond faster by eliminating the wait for translations.

Manage customer project estimates

When a customer needs a project quote, the sales associate fills out a form with the details. These Google Forms requests are tracked using Sheets, and pricing teams are notified when a request is submitted. At each stage in the estimate process, the pricing team updates the status in the main sheet for sales associates to review. They can also use columns in the sheet to link pricing estimates, related Docs, or Drive folders.

  • Improve visibility into pricing status for sales associates and managers.

  • Centralize all the pricing documentation for easy reference.

Share product and parts data across locations

When any department or location needs to access product or parts data, begin by creating a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Set up the spreadsheet to show the columns, rows, and information needed about the part, like materials, pricing, and part numbers. Then, share the spreadsheet with teams. As product or price information changes, update the live spreadsheet directly.

  • Collect and share information between teams and departments more quickly.

  • Centralize data sources, eliminating multiple file versions and reducing confusion.

  • Make your spreadsheet more secure by setting permissions to specific tabs, and restricting access.

Conduct product quality audits

The quality assurance (QA) manager creates a Google Formssurvey to collect data on products from the assembly line. They include question types for measuring product quality using grids, scales, and multiple choice.

QA testers access the QA form from a tablet and walk around the floor randomly sampling and testing products. Their quality data is sent to a spreadsheet in Sheets for analysis.

  • Maintain an ongoing record of QA data which is easy to analyze and identify areas for improvement.

  • Collect real-time data, allowing for faster responses to quality issues with products.

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